Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My first blog! Beauty of Ecuador!

Hi and welcome in my blog! I am very happy to make this (first) blog so i can share my experiences with you!
First, let me introduce myself; my name is Kim and i am from Quebec (Canada). Recently, i left everything in Canada and i moved in Ecuador to be with my boy friend who is Ecuadorian of course!
Before, i came here for 2 weeks only for vacations, but now, it's been 1 month i am here, and i saw many things i didn't have the chance to see before. Ecuador is a beautiful country with a lot of natural resources, but on the other hand, the wealth is not well distributed and we can see it in the streets, in the houses, everywhere.
The objective of my blog is to share my experiences here in Ecuador, about the people, about the good and the bad side of living here. It is very different from the life i had in Quebec, but i am convinced that we can learn a lot about the Ecuadorian people and their lifestyle.
(In passing, my mother tongue is french, but i want to write in English in my blog (i want to become bilingual!) so it is possible that i will make mistakes, so i apologize in advance!)

Let's talk tomorrow .... pictures will come soon!

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