Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Organic food

In Ecuador, most of the food is organic: juice, meats, fruits, vegetables. I believe that people in South America has better quality products than countries with "better technologies" because as we know, they treat the food in different way by using artificial flavors and other chemical products, even if we don't know the effects in our body after a long period of time.
Some pictures below about the food here. 

Chirimoya: it is a fruit that is fleshy and soft, sweet, white in color, with a sorbet-like texture. Some characterize the flavor as a blend of bananapineapplepapaya, peach, and strawberry. Others describe it as tasting like commercial bubblegum. miam miam miam! 

In stores, you can find pasta, rice, bean, which are still in the bag and you ask the weight you want. For example, 1 pound of rice, no more than 1 $.  

 Miam .. Helados! Ice cream! This is my weak point! 
Limon, strawberry, maracuya, rasberry, tamarindo (citric flavor), mandarina, mango, pistachio, and more and more and more!  Good quality and low price.
 For a cone with 2 scoops, it costs no more than 2 $.  I can tell you that i am addicted ! 

 This is choclo (corn) with meats on a stick

After a long road in car, it's always a good idea to stop buying 
a pineapple, freshly cut in front of us! And for only 1 $! 

In the park, there is always people who sell fruits and fresh juice. 
So healthy! 

In addition, if you want to go eating in a good restaurant with friends or your lovely boy friend, there are many choices and also the prices are higher. But the food is also organic ! 

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