Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The President's house - Palacio de Carondelet

Few days ago, we had the chance to visit the President house! 
There was so many interesting things to see inside. Look below! 

The President house

Guardians in front of the main
entrance. They don't move for
many hours.  

In the president house, they kept many 
things that belong to Eloy Alfaro. 
Here, you can see the official
costume that was wearing M. Alfaro.
Ecuador is the country of the flowers, 
especially roses! As you can see on this 
picture, they don't hesitate to use many flowers
 to decorate because here,it's cheaper. 
Per example, 25 roses for about 4 $!
And here, it's American dollar!  $$$  good deal! 

This is the private church of the President                                                       This is the diner room 

Can i take a seat? :) 

This is the room with the pictures of all the president since 1830.  Look on top of the wall. 

Paint of Guayasamin. He was the most famous painter in Ecuador. 
Me and one of the guardian at the main entrance.
The uniform they are wearing was used in the 
Pichincha's battle in May th 1822. 

When you get in the house of President,
you must salute to the flag
 in a sign of respect.


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