Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

La ruta del sol - Manta

Reccently, we travelled with a few of friends in la Ruta del sol. La ruta del sol is a strip of one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Ecuador. The landscape are amazing, and when you can see the sea as far as the eyes can see .. it's wonderful. We made a good deal with a tour agencie that offer us a good pachage deals: hostel, food, museum ... really nice! 

You can see on the map the trip we did in bus (blue line).
 Manta is located at 8 hours from Quito! So, it was a big journey! 

We went in Manta, which is the first Ecuadorian port for fishing because there are many tuna factories. And you cannot imagine how big is the tuna! It was the first time i have seen so big fish!
Our guide decide to show us the fish market in the morning and i found it not really nice because i saw dead fish everywhere, even sharks (which is it not allowed to fish them) I didn't want to go in the sea because i had the sensation that all the left over of the fish could be in the water. According to me, they fish too much !

 So big tuna! 
Ces poissons sont tellement gros! 

Many shark fins on the beach ... 
Plusieurs ailerons de requin sur la plages .... 

Manta beach, Ecuador 
Many fisherman! Many boats!
Pecheurs, bateau ... il y en a tellement! 

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