Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The jungle - Part 3 - Cotococha amazon lodge

Me, and our beautiful bungalows

When we arrived in Tena by bus, a car was waiting for us and took us at the Cotococha Amazon lodge. Their unique amazon lodge is located in the upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic Napo river.
Our bungalows was spacious (3 bed) and built according to the traditionnal architecture in harmony with the nature around. To be the most ecologic possible, there is no electricity in the bungalows, but there are oil lamps along the paths and at the bungalows, which illuminate us properly and create a romantic atmosphere.
Another bungalows

This was the diner room (nice chairs!)

Also the presentation of the food was beautiful

Kind of food that was served for our lunch.
The food and the service was excellent!
Then, we took a boat that brought us in the deep side of the jungle! .... 
My fiance and me, on the boat!
Beautiful view from the boat.

The part 4 is coming soon ... many pictures, many stories, many things to say about the jungle ....follow me for more beautiful pictures and adventures to share!  

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