Finally back in Canada, i still keep beautiful memories from my trip in Ecuador. I will continue to publish some photos from this beautiful country, and sharing with you my new life here in Alberta, Canada.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Church, Shoe-shine boy and Melcocha!

Santuario del Qui
Today is a grey day in Quito, we can ear the thunder and the cloud is falling louder ! But, in that grey day, i will talk to you about a sunny day that we passed in El Quinche, which is about 1 hour far away from Quito (in car). In bus, 1 h 45.

We have visited the "Santuario del Quinche". It was the week-end and there was a lot of people! Many people was selling religious things close to the church, many people was selling food. Some prayers was outside to bless things, as necklaces, etc...

Ecuadorian people are very faithful

We also take a moment to light candle for us and for people we loved.
People here are very faithful. Per exemple, i saw a mom taking a candle and touching the body of her child with it, then they light the candle and pray god to protect them.

Shoe-shine boy

Also, a shoe-shine boy (which polish the shoes) ask me to polish my boots. There is a lot these guys on the streets.
Then i said ok, but i found it strange that someone did that for me, especially for 50 cents! was so not expensive. But when they saw that you are a tourist, and when they ear you speak in english, they can take advantage and ask you for more money. So be careful with that.

Barney is in Ecuador!

After the church,
 we took a walk in the city. there was a lot 
of people as you can see!
Even Barney was there!! 
Take a look in the middle! 

Miam! Candies!

There was a lot of display with many candies on it!  i had to keep myself away from it because it was looking so good, and i am addicted to sugar. this is my whickness!  
And more, it is so cheap.
But i bought nothing. Good girl ;)

Men doing Melcocha


Here, we can see a man who is doing "Melcocha", which is a local food made from cane sugar.  Melcocha is a kind of a very sweet fudge or caramel having an extremely chewy consistency. 
Melcocha is available in many flavors. 


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